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Spring 1983  We auditioned lots of competent players, none of them really fit the bill, but we eventually settled for a guy called "Charlie" and recorded a couple of tracks with him (The Runner, Burning Bridges).  We knew he wasn't quite right for the band though.  Again fortune took a turn in the guise of our photographer Debbie Brady, who took most of the shots on this web site.  Debbie put us in touch with Phil Williams who she knew was looking for work.  Phil turned out to be an excellent player and we signed him up immediately while once again having to do the difficult deed of saying farewell to a band member: Charlie.  More gigging ensued and we continued to hone the new sound with Phil and the new tracks.  Five more tracks (Power Of Persuasion, Ring Of Fire, Not There, Window On The West, Eden) were recorded for a second album and we confidently took them to HMR to negotiate a continuation of the contract.  In the end they didn't pick up the option for the album and we were left high and dry which proved to be the beginning of the end for Shiva.  We struggled on for a little longer, extracted ourselves from our management deal and tried to go it alone but it didn't work out.  After four years of being poor, working extremely hard and not having a lot to show for it we called it a day in the Autumn of 1983 and split. 


Andy - Phil - John


Shiva/Andy Skuse 2004