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1982  The gigging and writing eventually started to pay off when Ken secured us a recording contract with Heavy Metal Records.  We went back to Cave and actually paid them properly to record the whole of the Firedance album with the advance that we were given.  The first single that was released, Rock Lives On, wasn't really our 'thing' but an idea of Ken's to make us more commercial - we went along with it but never felt it was one of our better efforts!  The second single, Angel Of Mons, was most definitely Shiva at its best though.  That track, and the flip side, were also included on the album which we continued to record during the summer of 1982.  En Cachent was re-recorded to try and match an earlier demo of the song that we'd recorded with Jack and proved to be my favourite track on Firedance.  The solo still gives me the 'shivas'!  The same track also featured on the sampler album Heavy Metal Heroes Volume II.  The original single tracks Rock Lives On and Sympathy feature on another sampler NWOBHM Metal Rarities Volume 2. (Released 1996, British Steel).  By the end of 1982 things were looking good; we were gigging all over the country, including the famous Granary Club in Bristol and the Marquee Club in London's West End (both of which I'd played a number of times in the past but never with a band with such promise).  We recorded a good rocking session for BBC Radio 1's Friday Rock Show with Tommy Vance (rec. 5th December), the album was selling well and creeping into the charts.  Work was coming in for our sideline business - hiring out our PA system and/or truck.  We did jobs for a lot of other bands including such diverse acts as Hawkwind, George Melly and The Platters!  We'd gigged with Wishbone Ash, Diamond Head, the Michael Schenker Group, Deke Leonard and even The Vice Squad.  A tour with Iron Maiden was in the pipeline, and we had the beginnings of a second album of even better material.  This was when the crunch came.... Chris decided he'd had enough and suddenly left the band.  It was a bombshell and nearly destroyed Shiva right there but we decided to bash on and try to find a replacement before the momentum faded away.  This was, of course, very difficult as Chris was no ordinary drummer.



Rock Live On Angel Of Mons Firedance Heavy Metal Heroes Vol II Metal Rarities Volume 2


Shiva/Andy Skuse 2004