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Winter 1981  It was about this time that we were approached with a management deal by Ken who'd formed a new company called Elephant Management.  He already had other bands on board, including the infamous Beki Bondage and the Vice Squad, and we jumped at the chance to have his expertise on our side.  The first thing Ken did was to persuade us to audition the drummer from his dance band, Chris Logan.  We were knocked out by Chris's playing and asked Jack to leave, a very difficult thing to do but the band had to come first.  Chris fixed our engine troubles for sure, the bass and drums clicked right into place like we'd been playing together for years!  This was the definitive Shiva line up and we were ready to go for gold.  Many gigs followed and a ton of writing and rehearsing saw an album's worth of good material developed.  Times were hard though, the miner's strike was on and our main audiences were in the north of England and Wales, the worst affected areas.  This was also our lowest point financially; it was never good money-wise but that winter we were literally burning furniture to stay warm.  We survived on very little money but made some good friends during that time, most notably the excellent people in Chesterfield and Pontefract (where Keith and Sue who formed the Shiva Fan Club lived).  There was always someone that would put us up to save us paying for digs or even sleeping in the truck and we'll be forever grateful to them for that.  We continued to record at Cave Studios with the help of "Cavemen" Andy and Bill who were always a huge help to us.  They went on to record the Massive Attack albums amongst other things.

John - Andy - Chris


Shiva/Andy Skuse 2004