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1980  The band spent the next few months rehearsing, writing and recording until we were ready to start gigging in October 1980.  We had a loose agreement with the Rainbow Agency and Ken got us some of our first gigs although some we had to organise for ourselves.  We'd always felt a need to get things down on tape and had recorded several demo tracks (Cut Me To The Quick, The Gallery, Thief, Questions) at Cave Studios run by Andy Allan.  Money was tight so we did odd jobs for the studio to help pay for our sessions.  We're probably still in the red!  These first tapes were fairly well received and got placements in the demo charts, but it quickly became apparent to me that we wouldn't go far unless we got a more coherent sound.  The twin guitars worked well for the likes of Wishbone Ash but the players were too different in our case.  After a lot of soul searching we decided to ask the other guitarist Chris to leave and become a three piece.  Some more demos were recorded (Stranger Lands, En Cachent, Angel Of Mons) which had a tighter feel to them and we knew we were on the right track.  But there was still something not quite right in the "engine".....


Chris D & John


Shiva/Andy Skuse 2004